Innovative Shirt Maker Stantt Joins AAPN


We are happy to announce another innovative company have joined the APPN family, in the form of shirt maker Stantt.

At our New York City Regional Conference last month, we had the pleasure of meeting Matt Hornbuckle, co-founder of the company.

Matt and his partner knew nothing about apparel but did know shirts available back then did not fit THEM. So, they tackled sizing, eventually creating 99 different sizes of mens’ woven shirts. On their website, they write, “Did you know that traditional sizing has been around since the Civil War? And, it turns out, it only gives 15% of us a perfect fit. We’ve challenged the rules and built a new approach with 1 goal in mind – making it simple for you to get a perfect fit”.

They drilled through thousands of scan data to determine the sizes. Then they worked to create a way of ordering that was fast and easy. Today, you order a shirt and get it delivered directly to you from their factory in Honduras. Again, they write, “Our factory uses cutting edge technology and equipment to allow us to craft your shirts one at a time, just for you. By eliminating the waste of excess inventories and errors, we are able to use the highest quality materials and bring them to you at a great value”.

Matt shared so much about the growth pains, set backs, tipping points and stages of their growth. Nordstrom carries Stantt shirts. You try on one of the 99 sizes in the store, select the fabric, place the order and it is delivered to your house.

Their product fits a niche in between low cost ready-to-wear casual and dress shirts and far more expensive custom shirts. Matt was actually wearing one of their Stantt t-shirts.

For those of you who joined us in Miami in May, you’ll recall the final panel said several times that, “if you want speed, someone has to own something”. Well, Stantt owns the fabric and maintains it in Honduras.



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