Interesting Numbers and Personal Coronavirus Stories


These recently published numbers from Fortune make for very interesting reading:

50% … of Americans are worried that they or a relative will be exposed to coronavirus. Only 44% of Americans over age 65 are worried, despite making up an at-risk population, versus 54% of Americans age 25 to 44. 

75% … of Americans are worried the coronavirus will have a negative economic effect on the U.S. That number is higher among Democrats (85%) than Republicans (67%).

48% … of Americans who were planning trips domestically are either likely to cancel plans (30%) or have already canceled (18%). 

67% … of Americans who had international travel plans are either likely to cancel plans (45%) or have already canceled (23%). Two weeks ago, only 44% of Americans said they were reconsidering their international travel plans. And expect that number to keep rising: President Donald Trump announced Wednesday he is cutting off most travel from Europe to the U.S.

63% … of investors say now—despite Monday's historic drop—is a good time to be investing in the stock market. That number is 73% among Republicans and 40% among Democrats. 

65% … of Americans say a recession is likely within the next year. That levels with 66% of Americans who told Fortune-SurveyMonkey the same thing back in September.

As this situation unfolds, let's tell your own industry story. Send us your situation, tell us what happened, share the impact, especially on your supply chain. We especially want to know about benevolent customer stories. We will keep them anonymous as usual, but it's up to us to tell this story, not some reporter. Here are four inputs we got recently:
— Just wanted to share a quick perspective from here – a city where restaurants are shuttered, my kids are out of school for the next 6 weeks, there are no gatherings of over 250 people (churches closed, all sporting events canceled, etc), and I’m working from my home office because our workplace is 100% work from home.
— FYI – We are on travel lockdown here…….
— Stuck here. (My country) just enforced a travel ban. If I go, 21 day quarantine at an army barracks. Not gonna happen, staying here.
— This whole deal is FUBAR (shared from a military veteran)