Jeanologia joins AAPN


Please join us in welcoming Jeanologia to the AAPN family.

Jeanologia is an innovative and multicultural company with over 20 years of experience in the development of sustainable and eco-efficient technologies for the finishing industry.

The company was founded in 1994 by Jose Vidal and his nephew Enrique Silla, with innovation and human values as the primary columns. With a background in denim finishing consultancy, Jeanologia soon became a technology provider of sustainable textile solutions.

Today Jeanologia leads the transformation of the textile industry with its disruptive technologies (laser and eco systems) that enhance productivity, reduce water and energy consumption and eliminate damaging emissions and waste, guaranteeing ZERO contamination.

Of course, many of you know their newly appointed CEO very well; Carlos Arias. Carlos was appointed CEO in November of 2019 and is spearheading the unique ‘Mission Zero,’ through which, he says, "we aim to reach a complete dehydration, and dehydration using no water and releasing zero toxic emissions in any single jeans produced in the world,"

We're so happy to have yet another innovative, amazing company join the ranks of all the innovative, amazing companies and individuals who make up AAPN.