Jennifer Knight (Re)Joins the AAPN


As longtime AAPN member Jennifer Knight transitions out of 6 year stint as President & COO, American Woolen Company, she rejoins the AAPN as an Individual Member.

The majority of Jennifer's career in our industry was refined during 15 years running Georgia Narrow Fabrics which became Premier Narrow Fabrics. She has extensive experience in the apparel supply chain of the Western Hemisphere and in working with major global brands.

Jennifer has been a friend and advisor to AAPN for many years. During this time frame she has also started and run several entrepreneurial ventures. She graduated from Brown University followed by an MBA from Columbia Business School. In fact she shared more about her life, career and vision with us as a part of our AAPN Women Stories series, you can check that out here.

So, once again, welcome ‘back’ Jennifer.