Jesus Canahuati and Joe Cuervo Receive AAPN Industry Achievement Awards


While we were in Honduras last week one of the many great things I got to do was present a couple of awards to two very deserving recipients. The award is called The AAPN Industry Achievement Award. It was created to recognize those AAPN members who have given exceptional leadership to the network.

The first recipient was Jesus ‘Chuy’ Canahuati, the General Manager of Elcatex in Honduras. In 2016, Chuy presented Honduras2020 to the AAPN Annual Conference. This led directly to a joint venture of the UTEXA Spinning operation and the 2018 Apparel Summit of the Americas. Chuy has distinguished himself as a true Leader of the Americas.(and a great friend)

The second award went to industry veteran Joe Cuervo. Joe has since transitioned from the Honduras2020 staff to Kohl’s. Joe began work in 2017 with AAPN on the 2018 Apparel Summit of the Americas during his time on staff at Honduras2020. Joe helped put together the agenda, tours, target lists, hotels, logistics and hundreds of other details. The Summit success was virtually entirely from his leadership.

We describe this award as going to those who truly commit to the network. In Honduras, we used this humorous analogy of what we mean by ‘commitment’ by saying, “If you had
bacon and eggs for breakfast this morning, then you know the chicken was involved…but
the pig was committed”.

The Apparel Summit of the Americas was the largest event hosted by AAPN in our 37
year history. It combined content, tours, reception, fashion show, gala dinner and much
more for 250 registered and dozen of others guests. And it was amazing.


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