Lands’ End Joins AAPN


Please join us in welcoming Lands' End to the AAPN

Founded in 1963, Land's End are one of the best known of the 'All-American' clothing retailers. And we think this rather amusing company description from their own website sums the company – and its influence – up very nicely;

"Timeless pieces made of quality materials in classic styles that offer great value. There are a lot of "all-American" brands out there‚ but there's only one Lands' End. We make stylish‚ comfortable‚ well-crafted merchandise. You'll always know when you've spotted us – whether we're sprucing up your family's wardrobe‚ your living room or outfitting The Weather Channel's on-air meteorologists".

Please add the following contact information to your address books too;

Lands' End Outfitters
6 Lands' End Lane
Dodgeville WI 53595
United States 

Michael B Perrotti
VP, Sourcing & Strategic Operations