Learn Where There is an Actually an ‘Easy Button’ in Our Industry


Where is the 'easy button' for your job when you need it? We ALL need an 'easy button' NOW! Well, here's one:

A week from today, June 18th, gather your staff, your SENIOR staff – your customers, and your suppliers too – because we're introducing you to hard talks about making your job easier. This is something your leaders will want to hear directly.

That's why we ask you to forward this information about the event we detail below to your people. The content will help each of them individually. There is neither an attendance limit nor a charge for this high impact deliverable.

Yes, it will be online. NO, it's not a webinar, not a power point, not a sales pitch, not vendors, not charging to attend, not academics or consultants – its real industry executives sharing stories that can make your job easier.

Take Ed Gribbin for example. Most C-Suite execs in major brands and retailers know Ed personally. He has advised and consulted with them for many years. Then BAM the virus hit him, you, us, the entire supply chain and everything stopped.

How Ed responded in March is what many of you are struggling to do now – he immediately got to work doing something he'd never done before – making medical masks and gowns. By sharing his experience, you will earn how he changed, reconfigured, recharged and got back to work.

HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of gowns and masks. Ed has literally built a company that will produce this volume. He put this extended US/Western Hemisphere supply chain together from within our apparel network, the AAPN, on the fly, from a dead stop, completely under control.

Every one of us competes as supply chains. Every one of us is a professional. And none of us knows what is really going to happen next. So, as it turns out, because none of us are as smart as all of us, we invite you to join this discussion 7 days from now – free, with hundreds of others.

We invite you to our first AAPN AMERICAN INGENUITY SERIES – FIRESIDE CHAT with Ed Gribbin. It is scheduled for June 18, 2020, at 11:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada). The topic: Activating Our Industry to Confront an Existential Crisis
Register in advance for this webinar right here: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_OTKxrrC6ROSIRCS7NSTxgw