Looking Back and Looking Forward


Greetings to the 1,263 of you in the supply image included in this post and any others reading it. We wish you a very career-broadening 2018. Today, Jan 2, 2018, is the 24th anniversary of my first day working with Sue C. Strickland here at the AAPN in Atlanta. It has given me pause to reflect on this nearly quarter century of pure bliss, of being who I am with no rules, no dress code, no boss, no job description and no limits.

My doctor, who is a family friend, said his son once asked him what I did and he answered, “Mike has the best job I ever heard of…..”. That is true. It is a job we invented and that you expanded. Back in Jan 1995, the AAPN was then called the AACA and big picture, given the dozens of industry organizations in place then, we were a rounding error. Today, we are what you made us into. We are what you tell others we are. From the inside looking out, we’re hard to explain and from the outside looking in, we’re hard to understand. You either get it or you don’t get it. Thank God that hundreds of the smartest, nicest and most visionary women and men I have ever met get us.

2018 is not just another year. It continues the conversation, the interaction, the relationships and the infinite wisdom of this crowd. Our goal is to win every minute, to make every request you ask of us work instantly and to enter 2019 as better prepared for it as 2017 made us for today. Our very best wishes for a happy 2018. Do not hesitate to let us help you make it even better.

Sue and Mike


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