Mark Cuban’s Bathroom Book Investing


At our 2007 Annual Conference at the Loews Santa Monica Hotel, both the New York Rangers hockey team and the Dallas Mavericks basketball team were staying at our hotel. One afternoon out by the pool, Sue and I happened to say something to Mark Cuban as he walked by us. He stopped and we chatted. As he left he even gave me a pop in the arm! So, the following article is about our dear and close friend, Mark Cuban:

Mark Cuban keeps a book in his bathroom that he says makes him a better investor
CNBC, 6/4/19

Mark Cuban is not content resting on his laurels as a billionaire entrepreneur. Cuban often describes himself as a voracious reader who believes that "life-long learning is probably the greatest skill" a successful person can have.

What's more, the Dallas Mavericks owner and star of ABC's "Shark Tank" says he never wants to stop reading and learning, because it makes him a better investor, especially in the tech space, which is always evolving.

"I've been on Amazon doing the machine learning tutorials," Cuban recently told Yahoo Finance. Cuban said he has been learning how to build neural networks, which are computer algorithms modeled after the brain that are used in artificial intelligence, as well as taking online computer coding classes to learn the latest versions of programming language Python. 

Cuban said he even keeps a copy of the book "Machine Learning for Dummies" in his bathroom. The book's cover purports to help readers to do things like "understand machine learning fundamentals" and "make sense of machine learning algorithms."

That's because Cuban sees AI as the future, and as an investor, he wants to be prepared. Read More