Monarch Knitting Machinery Corporation Joins AAPN


Another new addition to the AAPN family! Please join us in welcoming Monarch Knitting Machinery Corporation!

Monarch Knitting Machinery Corporation was founded in 1961 and is today widely recognized as being the world’s leading supplier of single and double jersey knitting machines. This reputation has been built on a very close working business partnership with Precision Fukuhara Works Limited in Japan, who celebrated their 50th anniversary in the autumn of 2006.

Together, their business philosophy has always been to stay one step ahead of our competitors through our continuing technological development. We believe that the quality of the machine is of paramount importance and this, in conjunction with excellent after-sales support, has enabled them to establish very close working relationships with customers. They feel that it is the close bond we develop with our customers which enables us to better understand market demands and which leaves Monarch and Fukuhara well placed to develop new machinery and fabrics of real commercial importance

Craig Pernick, President

Kevin R Mcclure, Technical Services Manager

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