One of the Greatest NEVER SAW THIS COMING Coronavirus Producer Stories Ever Told


You absolutely need to gather around the Ron Roach campfire next Thursday, August 13 – 11:00 AM E.S.T. – via Zoom.

Ron and his fabric mill, Contempora Fabrics, shut down in March when the virus hit. Boom. Kaput.

Then, literally a matter of days, he went from shut down to – maybe we make masks – to we'll never be able to sell all of these masks – to my gosh we can not make enough masks – to maybe what ought to do from now is MASKS!

The virus hitting our supply chain was not a tsunami. It was volcanic flow, thick, deep, here to stay for at least the near future and some effects may be, to some extent, permanent.

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We didn't need HARVARD to tell us to collaborate – our case study

Contempora Fabrics, based in Lumberton N.C., normally makes fabric for baseball uniforms. When the quarantine hit, they sent all of their workers home on a Friday. By Monday, they were back open repurposing fabric for masks. Ron will detail the American ingenuity it took to throw together an entire supply chain on the fly to solve a mask shortage with baseball uniform fabric.