Our AAPN Video Masterpiece – The Progress So Far



Remember we asked for submissions to help make our planned AAPN video even more special? We’re getting a great response, and it reminds us once again just how amazing AAPN members are.

This first video is sent to us by our long time friend Aaron Glatman, VP of r-pac International Corporation. We thought we knew r-pac. We didn’t but we do now thanks to this amazing production of their global operations:


Gerber Technology: Another long time friend, Jorge de Leon, of Gerber Technology, based in Mexico, sent us a video that is described this way: Gerber Technology in partnership with Global Garment Engineering and 20th Century Fox was selected to create 50 sets of the costume replicas to support the film The Greatest Showman to Life by leveraging their integrated digital solutions. View the whole process from creating digital patterns to cutting and sewing:


Vanguard Pailung: On top of that, TextileWorld released a profile of a 100% Made in USA company Vanguard Pailung. We were given the royal tour several years ago and were overwhelmed by the incredible complexity of their machines. To me, a personal highlight was that during a down turn in their business, Bill Moody let everyone keep working with pay even if it is was to spruce up their building. This is a company that believes in almost everything that is good and right:


Cotton Council Internatonal: We have run into CCI’s staff and members exhibiting US cotton all over this world. They put on one hell of a show everywhere they go. It draws crowds and packs every one of the exhibitors business booths. No matter where we go, seeing that Vaughn Jordan is there gives us a feeling of home and pride.



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