Outdoor Retailer (AAPN member) REI Building the Most Outdoorsy HQ Ever


We visited the amazing flagship REI store in Seattle during our Regional Conference there two years ago. Man, you felt guilty if you left without a month's worth of mountain gear plus supplies and a backpack full of a hundred Douglas Fir seedlings to go plant in the Cascades………a VERY serious statement experience.

New goal here – have a Regional┬áConference at REI!

Outdoor Retailer (of AAPN member) REI Building the Most Outdoorsy HQ Ever

In a Seattle suburb, retailer Recreational Equipment Inc. is building a new headquarters that is blurring the boundaries between office and nature.

Once it opens in the summer, workers will be able to walk from one room to the next through outdoor staircases and bridges. They can hold group meetings on rooftop terraces, or around a fire pit in a courtyard full of native plants. Skylights and oversize sliding doors will bring in sunshine and air. Read More