PORTLAND: Millennials Packing Northwest’s Regional Conference


When AAPN's Sue Strickland came up with the idea for our Portland Regional on August 15 – Bring a Millennial and It's Two-for-One – we never dreamed it would rule the day.

Led by Allmade, Colombia Sportswear, Hyosung, Tegra and Sanmar, about half of those registered by now are, in fact, millennials. This is exactly who our Regional Conferences target – young professionals investing in their careers by networking with our industry's leaders – YOU

The Portland agenda is spectacular. The event, sponsored by Hyosung, Impactiva and Printcraft, is part of our growing road show of regionals. Additional ones this year include Dallas (sep 12) and Mexico City (Dec 4). 

See the agenda and register now, you and a millennial of your choice, by clicking here