RAMOS: Powerbranding for New Retail


Well, this is cool – the author of this article, Roberto Ramos, and the publisher of it, Robin Lewis, are on our agenda this coming Monday and Tuesday at our Annual Conference in Miami !!

Powerbranding for New Retail
RobinReports: MAY 1, 2018 by Roberto Ramos

“What do you bring to this party?”

This is the very direct and consequential challenge consumers are posing to brands today. Empowered with an increasingly sophisticated eye and shiny new filtering tools, these new no-nonsense consumers are precisely editing what they buy, and blocking out most products, brands and experiences they don’t relate to. Many brands and stores have fallen by the wayside due to this powerful moment of reckoning. And who can blame these consumers for locking out noise that is irrelevant as they react to a flurry of sameness and too much stuff in the world?

The traditional model of designing a product and pushing it out through distribution and marketing channels simply does not work. First, because many of those distribution models and players, such as traditional department stores, are struggling with navigating the digital marketplace. Second, consumers are going straight to source materials they trust. This return to the core is part of a bigger reaction to the larger socio-cultural and political shifts taking place that are leaving customers feeling unsettled.

Individuals do not want to get lost in the big shuffle and shakeout taking place today. They want to find their place and footing, and they are doing this through a search for more singular purpose. Those brand players that can deliver this, both rationally and emotionally, will succeed. The new model of Powerbrand is identified by the purposeful match between consumers’ lives, what brands stand for and what they bring to the table. Read More


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