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Below is a link to an article just published by Devin Steele, publisher of Actually it is 3 articles:

AAPN’s pro:Americas Annual Conference – Disruption: An apropos buzzword
Recipients of the 2018 AAPN Industry Leadership Awards
History of the AAPN

I don’t know how Devin does this. I was there. I took notes but not like his. He has managed to share every highlight of the conference. He did this by himself. While he traveled with us on the Carolina Mill Tour, we saw him off in a corner of the hotel seating area working madly until past midnight every night.

Read this. You’ll learn things you can use. Of course, because we set aside half of the time of our 3 day conference specifically for networking, no-one can summarize those hundreds of talks and transactions. Think about that – half the time is spent raising your Apparel IQ and the other half is spent allowing you to raise someone else’s Apparel IQ. That’s not just a fare trade, its a fair of trading.



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