Reconnecting with Consumers With a Simple Signature


One tiny extra detail. But a rather special one. And a great way to reconnect consumers with the apparel they purchase in an age of fast fashion.


Look at the tags sewn in T-shirts made by the startup Known Supply and you’ll find something unexpected—a woman’s signature. Names like Lamunu Kevin, Paolo Perales, and Thangamani, a seamstress from South India.

Thangamani has been churning out T-shirts for years, but it was only when Known Supply contracted with her employer that she was ever asked to put her name on her work. Punch her name into the brand’s website and up pops a sari-clad woman’s smiling face and her story: She’s working to make sure her kids get a good education, she’s socially conscious, and reveals, “I love cooking.”

If realizing there is a human being with hopes and dreams behind the clothes on your back makes you think differently, that’s pretty much what founder Kohl Crecelius wants to happen. Known Supply, which makes organic cotton T-shirts and other basics in ethically minded factories in Peru, Uganda, and India, launched nine months ago. Their shirts cost around $30 and are sold on the brand’s website, as well as at Whole Foods and REI. Read More


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