Robin Report: On the Edge of The New Era


This is a great piece by RoxAnna Sway of The Robin Report which takes a look at the concept of the future of AI and what it could bring to the world, including, perhaps, clothing based on complex neural network interfaces with machines rather than actual conscious choice? Thought-provoking stuff.

On the Edge of the New Era
RobinReport: JUNE 3, 2019 by RoxAnna Sway

I am going to put on my futurist hat and project 100 years into the future and make a really far-out prediction. I predict that within a hundred years, or perhaps even fewer, the timeline of history is going to be turned on its head and will be rewritten.

Right now, we are living through the second of the two biggest macro-changes in recording the history of mankind on this planet. The first great change was signified by the establishment of our current historical dating system: BC and AD (Before Christ and Anno Domini-year of the Lord), using the birthdate of Christ and the formation of Christianity as the fulcrum of history, from ancient times to today. This is also now referred to as BCE and CE (Before Common Era and Common Era), a more secular adaptation.

In the scheme of mankind’s history, Christianity changed everything. It changed religious practice, society and culture, politics, daily life and human relationships, and set the stage for the first real World War-the Crusades. It established a world headquarters of doctrine and affairs in Rome (after an earlier headquarters in Constantinople), with a titular head, the Roman Catholic Pope. Christianity and Catholicism eventually spread throughout all corners of the globe, including the New World. The Christian religion was a principle driver for the creation of art and architecture, global trade, the build-up of armies, exploration of far-flung geographies, books and the printing press, and new fields of study, which expanded exponentially during the Renaissance, paving the pathway to advancements of science and technology in the modern era. Read More