Sock Maker THORLO joins AAPN


Many thanks to AAPN member and true proper gentleman Jim Booterbaugh of National Spinning for his referral of our new member.

From the company. This is quite a story, and a great example of how something as seemingly simple as a pair of socks can make a real difference in the lives of apparel buyers:

“In 1980, Jim Throneburg invented Thorlos, originally conceived to be the most protective, sport-specific athletic sock. The Thorlos brand was so successful, and the company received so many letters and emails from satisfied consumers, health care and sports medicine professionals, that Jim realized people were getting more than the best athletic sock; they were getting something beyond socks – they were also getting foot protection, comfort and foot health benefits.

THORLO donated its engineered padded socks to clinical researchers, who studied the impact of the unique, patented padding on both healthy, active adults and people with feet at risk—that is, people with diabetes, whose feet are at increased risk of ulceration and amputation, and people with rheumatoid arthritis, who experienced serious foot pain. The results of eight ground-breaking research studies showed that Thorlos unique, patented padding reduces blisters (caused by friction and shear forces), foot pain, pressures and moisture—the primary forces that damage the skin/soft tissues of the foot—when fitted properly with appropriate shoes.

Today, Thorlos padded socks, with the original patented padding designed to provide the benefits described above, are referred to as clinically-tested padded socks (CTPS), and they have been shown to protect against various foot conditions.

THORLO makes all its padded sock products in North Carolina, and is committed to keeping its production facilities in the USA. THORLO is a third-generation family company, and considers its employees part of that family. Everyone is committed to craftsmanship, and with that craftsmanship comes quality, value and the benefit of better feeling feet.

Please join us in welcoming THORLO to the AAPN family.