SOLD OUT: AAPN Carolina Regional AND Carolina Mill Tour


Running associations is a profession. There’s even ASAE, an association of associations. In the association business, success is driven by two words – Meaning Matters.

We take those words seriously which is why, if you review our history, you see that we do unique things that matter, things no other industry organization has ever done. This list of innovations is long. Two of the most recent include our development of Regional Conferences and, last year, the enormously successful one week long Carolina Mill Tour.

This year’s Mill Tour March 31 thru April 6, and the Carolina Regional in Charlotte on April 2, both SOLD OUT today. We’re packed to the rafters proving we’re doing something that truly matters to you.

We heard an expression the other day, ‘social media facilitator’, that we’ve adapted to read ‘apparel industry facilitators’. You want proof? The Regionals were the idea of Tony Anzovino at Haggar and the Mill Tour was the idea of Ron Roach at Contempora Fabrics. THEIR ideas that we FACILITATED that have proven to MEAN something that MATTERS.

What is your breakthrough idea that will make the industry better? We’re waiting to work for exactly that unique new program!



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