Sourcing from the Americas Versus China: The Score


I’m very honored to learn that Sourcing Journal just published the following article profiling the Americas. Do give it a read if you have a few minutes.

Sourcing from the Americas Versus China: The Score, NOVEMBER 6, 2018, By Mike Todaro

The world of apparel sourcing, for many years, was divided into two parts—China and not China. One of the Lands of not-China is the Americas. To a sourcing executive, there is no North, Central or South America. To them, the hemisphere is simply the Americas.

According to the Office of Textiles and Apparel (OTEXA) as of June, China alone was the source of 41.54 percent of apparel imports. The 10 apparel producing nations of the Americas were the source of nearly 16 percent of apparel imports, and climbing.

The region is the source of 57 percent of men’s and boy’s man-made fiber knit shirts; 53 percent of the same category in cotton; 38 percent of men’s and boy’s man-made fiber non-knit shirts; 35 percent of cotton hosiery; 33 percent of cotton underwear. Hundreds of millions of dollars of investment in spinning, knitting, energy, infrastructure, cut/sew and embellishment are ongoing now to increase those volumes.

One short cycle business model that is working in the region now is Stantt. By creating 99 sizes of mens woven shirts, Stantt has a size for virtually every customer. Once the customers selects the fabric at Nordstrom or online, the shirt is cut and sewn in Honduras and arrives by package in a week.

High level, how does one evaluate the Americas versus Asia? What are the questions? Who gives the answers? And what does the resulting score mean? Read More 


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