Sublimation Paper Expert Neenah Coldenhove B.V. Joins AAPN


I met Gijsbert Harmsen at a meeting of Next Wave earlier this year. Yes, we all know the amazing speed on innovation in inkjet sublimation printing. But few of us realize the importance of the science and investment to improve papers onto which the ink is sprayed. Gijsbert literally took me to school on his paper products. This is an extremely strategic new member of AAPN, one who brings a depth of knowledge we need as the production of high-value activewear continues to rapidly increase in the Americas.

From Gijsbert: Neenah Coldenhove was founded in 1661 in Eerbeek, the Netherlands. It has been an independent family business for over three centuries, and we are proud of that. It enabled us to grow into what we are today: a state-of-the-art paper mill that is known for its innovative paper solutions. Neenah Coldenhove serves customers all over the world.

We are the inventor of digital dye sublimation paper which is sold since 1998 in more than 70 countries worldwide. Neenah Coldehove is proud that we are considered to be the benchmark in the field of dye sublimation papers and we produce dedicated paper grades for any end application.

Sportswear is the traditional market for digital dye sublimation paper printing. When we introduced Neenah Coldenhove sublimation paper in 1998, the main application was sportswear.

Even today, digital sublimation paper printing is the optimal solution for sportswear. With bright colors and sharp contours, digital sublimation paper printing is perfect for the personalization of sports garments.

The improvement of textiles with the introduction of mixed fibers contributes to this ever-growing market. At Neenah Coldenhove we will continue to meet your demands as a sportswear printer, with high-quality, dedicated paper grades.




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