Ternua Group chooses AAPN Member Lectra’s Fashion PLM 4.0


AAPN member Lectra has been providing the most innovative technologies to companies and concerns across the worldwide apparel supply chain for over four decades. The Ternua Group specializes in designing, manufacturing and selling sports clothing and accessories with advanced technical features. Therefore the announcement that the Spanish clothing trailblazers have chosen to partner with Lectra should come as no surprise.

The Ternua Group is implementing Lectra Fashion PLM 4.0 into their entire production process. The company’s assets span three brands -Ternua, Astore and Lorpen – and sells and distributes their goods worldwide. The Lectra solution will help the Ternua Group centralize and store information coming from their brands by digitalizing their supply chain.

This will connect all teams involved in the design-to-production process, regardless
of geographic location, speeding up the entire production process and help their brands deliver their collections on time and on budget. Read More


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