Terrific Tribute to the Heritage of AAPN Member Hamrick Mills


LOVE this quote, “Hamrick Mills, owned and operated by the Hamrick Family for 117 years……continues to ply its trade under fourth- and fifth-generation family members, operating under many of the same principles set forth by their lineage. Those principles being: A keen focus on quality, innovation and customers and a deep realization of the importance of investment and diversification in order realize those principles and stay competitive in the topsy-turvy world of textiles……Through two World Wars, the Great Depression, globalization and the Asian migration, the Great Recession and other economic vagaries, the fabric manufacturer now counts itself among a short list of U.S. weaving survivors – and the future is bright, according to company leaders”.

Devin Steele (DSteele@eTextileCommunications.com) actually wrote four profiles all accessible from the following link. Note also the tribute AAPN paid to this celebration of our member in the right side column of the web page: http://www.etextilecommunications.com/122017hamrick-millslead-story


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