The Carolinas and The Big Storm


In the coming days, the Carolinas are going to get their butts kicked in the worst historical way. They are your supply chain. But for them, it is now all about their people, their buildings, their homes and heritage that is on the firing line.

As us military people learned in basic training, “ready on the left, ready on the right, ready on the firing line – FIRE”. They are about to receive all the incoming fire Mother Nature can aim right at the hearts of their very being.

Trucks, planes, ships, cars, factories, mills and PEOPLE are going to grind to a halt. This is going to impact you and it is going to bring out the very best in you, all of you.

An article on old people like me in the current TIME reads, “…..there are only so many Category 5’s that can be thrown at you before you realize that the clouds will eventually part and you’ll probably be left wet but standing”.

Trust that you will help them stand by how you help these amazing people weather this storm. Then it will pass and they will get back to what they love – you.

May God have mercy on these amazing suppliers, for you are all they live for. Help them by being calm in the wisdom that they’ll see you on the other side. So, now, BRING IT ON.

In advance, they thank you eternally. Good luck to each of you.



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