The ‘Color’ Conference


Several weeks ago, out of nowhere, I was invited to speak at the Datacolor Textile Conference in Denver. Me? Color? Why?

When I got there, they explained they had gone to speakers bureaus and other sources, finally deciding to call industry magazines. One of them recommended me. I told them that this was someone trying to get even with them for not being invited.

I told them I’d speak about sourcing, since that was one of the topics their webage said they’d cover. I was introduced as a speaker who would talk off the topic of color. My opening comments were, well, if what you want is an off color speaker, I’M YOUR GUY!!!

In truth it was an fascinating meeting. Datacolor is a company. This is an annual meeting. Below you see the brands and retailers who come to it. They use this event for networking and even for joint development of new technology. It was a mini-version of an AAPN meeting. And it was terrific – a room full of true professionals.

They all call themselves color people. Man, you have to be careful with THAT one but it is true. Imagine the responsibility of not just keeping true to your core colors when sourcing globally but of making sure they wear through tough use.

When I showed our connect-the-dots supply chain image, I had to add color in order to point it out. We have no-one conversant in the topic of color within our membership.

I showed them our supply chain; our events; the NY Regional; a case study in using GC Moore to source mens underwear; an overview of the Americas; the Report Card; the Carolinas Mill Tour; TexOps use of ink jet sublimation printing; and Honduras2020.

My very first slide was of 3 of us bending over color cards at A&E during the Carolinas Tour and there in the background was a photo of our guide then, Malcom Mize of A&E, who was sitting right there in the audience at this conference!

Here is a list of the wonderful people attending with our members in bold:

American Eagle Outfitters
Columbia Sportswear
Dick’s Sporting Goods
Huntsman Textile Effects
Lane Bryant
Macys inc
Marks and Spencer
Mountain Equipment Co-op
Stance Socks
Under Armour
Victoria’s Secret


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