The Supply Chain Economy and the Future of Good Jobs in America


As you read this, ask yourself how many other apparel industry end-to-end supply chain networks exist in addition to AAPN. We’ve looked. We’re it, and still growing in this our 37th year of operation. In the movie THE GRADUATE, the word was ‘plastics’. Today, it’s ‘supply chain’. Tell the next young college candidate you see that every graduate with a degree in ‘Supply Chain’ gets hired. Reference this:

In an article called Supply chain pros in demand in 2011 in a journal of supply chain professionals, we found this: “The new year (2011) will see a marked increase in global opportunities for supply chain professionals … there is a shortage of procurement and supply chain pros across multinational organizations … although supply chain and logistics has a low profile for the general public, its value is being increasingly recognized by corporate. … supply chain managers need sophisticated skill sets and the ability to act across organizations.”

The Supply Chain Economy and the Future of Good Jobs in America
HBR: March 09, 2018

The U.S. supply chain is generally recognized as an integral part of the American economy. From Intel’s semiconductors to Microsoft’s enterprise software, the supply chain builds the goods and services that businesses need. But for all of its importance, no one has identified what industries comprise the U.S. supply chain economy, quantified the number and quality of jobs it contains, or assessed how much it matters for innovation. We attempted to answer these questions by creating a novel categorization of the U.S. economy that reveals new ways to drive American growth and innovation. Read More


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