Toys’R’Was – The Downfall of a Retail Legend


Toy Story: The Final Chapter – the demise of Toys’R’Us. It may have been on the cards for some time but the final end of the toy giant in the US is still a shock to the entire retail community. The once mighty company, a company which has been such a huge part of the retail landscape for decades will soon be gone. The chain that practically invented the big box store concept will be no more.

There are dozens of theories and opinions on what went wrong, but this article by Warren Shoulbergover at The Robin Report sums things up very well.

MARCH 14, 2018  by Warren Shoulberg

At the risk of rolling out all the easy clichés – the game is over, playtime is done, Toy Story: The Final Chapter – the demise of Toys’R’Us is not as obvious as it might seem.

A combination of being in the wrong place at an even wronger time, some really bad business decisions and a factor or two totally out of its control brought down what was both once the largest seller of toys in the business as well as the retailer that pretty much invented the very concept of the category killer big box store.

The immediate and longer-term aftershocks of TRU’s fall will include both the predictable – overall toy sales will decline, big suppliers Hasbro and Mattel will suffer and shoppers will have fewer choices on the night before Christmas – and the less certain – the future of retail real estate usage, global commerce and entertainment-based licensing opportunities.

But as we write the Toys obituary, let’s make sure we all understand what truly happened to bring down the Big Giraffe Read More



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