Trust and Connection – Needed Before, Essential Afterwards


Five years ago, on May 4, 2015, at our Annual Conference, our keynote speaker Seth Godin said, “…..(in) The Connection Economy. … the most valuable places are where the connections are made. …THAT IS THE MAGIC OF THE AAPN:…that what you sell is the chain; the information; the trust; the network.”

Two days ago, June 28, 2020, on Seth Godin's BLOG, he wrote:

"I used to ask, “If you stole Steven Spielberg’s address book, would it help you get a movie made?” The point was that even if you had the phone numbers and names, calling them up and saying you’d stolen them wasn’t worth very much. The data has no value without trust and connection. Now, twenty years later, all the address books have been stolen. Everyone has all the data. Identifying the right people (or spamming everyone) is easy and cheap. Which makes the point even more urgent than ever: Without trust and connection, access to data is worthless."

And that, right there, is the unique value of the AAPN – a network of suppliers who trust one another to share information. If you have not been educated in supply chain, or met your supply chain, or network with your supply chain then we can help you because you DO, like everyone else, COMPETE as a supply chain.

We've never seen risks like this. We want the perfect partners to help us.

Don't wait for Artificial Intelligence to come to your rescue. Rather, network with ACTUAL intelligence, hundreds and hundreds of your peers, here at AAPN, so we can figure this out – connected and trusting one another.