TW: Honduras Expects A Significant Increase In Private Investment By 2020


This is a great article about break through strategic planning by Honduras. What should come next and immediately is a commitment by El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua to simply cut-n-paste these innovations directly into their charters and streamline an unnecessarily bureaucratic region. 

Honduras Expects A Significant Increase In Private Investment By 2020
Jim Borneman, Publisher, TextileWorld: November 29, 2019

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras — November 28, 2019 — The President of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández, announced that as of January 2020, the country will become the destination of new foreign investments as a result of various agreements reached with investors from different sectors.

The maquila sector is one of the industries that has already announced a considerable increase in the investment quota.

Recently, Honduras government and investors of the maquila industry signed an agreement that will place Honduras on equal terms with neighboring countries and that will generate around 15,000 new jobs by 2020.

The agreement includes reforms to the Law of Free Trade Zones, aimed at increasing competitiveness, generating jobs, and providing legal security in order to attract new investments, thus reaffirming the government´s commitment to boost the country´s economic development through the creation of jobs. Read More