U.S. Department Of Commerce, Bureau Of Industry And Security Issues Report On U.S. Textile And Apparel Industry


The long-awaited report from the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) assessing the U.S. textile and apparel industry was released last week.

The 180-page report, the 2017 Defense Industrial Base Assessment of the U.S. Textile and Apparel Industry, can be viewed at: https://www.bis.doc.gov/index.php/forms-documents/technology-evaluation/2262-bis-defense-industrual-base-assessment-of-the-u-s-textile-and-apparel-industry-2017/file

The report addresses numerous areas of interest to the textile industry.  Highlights on the “U.S. Government Participation and the Berry and Kissell Amendments” are on pages 18-19.  Industry recommendations are on pages 148-149.

A companion report assessing the U.S. footwear sector was also released.  It can be viewed at: https://www.bis.doc.gov/index.php/forms-documents/technology-evaluation/2261-bis-defense-industrial-base-assessment-of-the-u-s-footwear-industry-2017.

It’s a long report to wade through, but if you have a few minutes it certainly makes for interesting reading and raises some interesting talking points.


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