Unifi Announces 3rd Annual Champions of Sustainability Awards


AAPN member Unifi are known as one of the world's leading innovators in recycled and synthetic yarns and their commitment to recycling and sustainability in general never fails to impress us.

However, for the third year running the company also made it a point to honor and highlight others who do the same with their Champions of Sustainability Awards.

REPREVE Champions of Sustainability awards will be awarded to 26 brand and retail partners that have each transformed 10 million or more recycled plastic bottles, and 42 textile partners that have each transformed 50 million or more bottles, through the use of Unifi's REPREVE performance fibers. A list of award recipients can be found below and by visiting Unifi.com/champions.

We are delighted to see so many other AAPN members on the list and still marvel at how many different amazing products are being created using REPREVE, which begins its life as discarded plastic bottles and becomes everything from sports and work uniforms to high quality menswear, the most amazing swimwear and much more.

Just how many plastic bottles have been saved from rotting away in a landfill by being incorporated into REPREVE? According to Jay Hertwig, Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing for Unifi; “Working together, Unifi’s brand, retailer and textile partners have helped us recycle more than 19 billion bottles. Just WOW.

Here's that list of winners we mentioned in full:

Congratulations to everyone on the list!