VP Pence Visits AAPN Member Parkdale Mills


North Carolina based AAPN member Parkdale Mills has been in the business of spinning yarn for over one hundred years, and so few better venues could have been chosen to play host to a visiting Vice President Mike Pence – in the state to talk American trade last week.

A full transcript of his remarks can be found published in Textile World here. During his speech, which you can see and hear more of below (as captured by local news station WCNC), the Vice President introduced several long-serving members of the Parkdale Mills staff and declared that he and President Trump “understand what your CEO (that’sAndy Warlick for the record – AAPN) understands and all the leadership of this company understands. And companies like this all across the country — it’s people like all of you that are making happen. This American renaissance in manufacturing is a testament to the integrity and the work ethic of men and women across this country.”

It was great to see an AAPN member recognized in this way. If you check out the video below you may see some faces you know.