Walmart Offers College Subsidy So U.S. Workers Pay $1 a Day


All companies compete as supply chains. Need further proof? Walmart is offering virtually free college tuition to study supply chain. Every college graduate with a degree in supply chain has awesome opportunities. And what is the only organization for supply chain professionals in the apparel industry, one that works on the subject each and every day, with some 1,400 executives plugged in? Us………

Walmart Offers College Subsidy So U.S. Workers Pay $1 a Day
Bloomberg: May 30, 2018

Walmart Inc. will fund college degrees for its U.S. workforce, the latest benefit rolled out by the nation’s largest private employer to reduce turnover and counter criticism over its treatment of staff.

The retailer’s 1.5 million employees can now pursue associate’s or bachelor’s degrees in business or supply-chain management at three nonprofit schools for $1 a day, according to a statement Wednesday. Walmart will subsidize tuition, books and fees and provide support with the application and enrollment processes. As many as 68,000 employees might sign up, Walmart executives estimated.

“Many of our associates don’t have the opportunity to complete a degree,” said Drew Holler, Walmart’s U.S. vice president of people innovation, in an interview. “We felt strongly that this is something that would improve their lives and help us run a better business.”

Walmart declined to disclose potential costs. According to Guild Education, a company that helps large employers extend education benefits, programs such as this cost companies from $6,000 to $10,000 per worker annually. Guild Education is working with Walmart to provide academic counseling as part of the plan.

The tuition program — offered to part-time staff as well as full-timers — is the latest move by Walmart to improve employee retention and engagement. Earlier this year, the company boosted its starting hourly wage to $11, expanded its maternity and parental leave policy and added an adoption benefit. The newest offer comes three years after Starbucks Corp. said it would pay full tuition for its workers, rather than just partially foot the bill. Read More



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