Warning! Ignore Emails Offering You Lists of All Factories


A number of members have written asking us if these email offers of lists of factories are valid. They are not. We have gotten the same emails, always from a different person. And if you reply asking them to stop, it doesn’t work.

Do you want to know where there are absolutely pristine lists of every factory in this hemisphere? It’s on the collective laptops of the hundreds of members of the AAPN who know and trust one another. Pants? As the Zipper guy. Sewing? Thread. Brands? Labels. Activewear? Elastic.

Case in point. A brand asks for our help finding a high needle underwear producer in Central America. Who do you ask about underwear? The elastic guys. We ask our elastic members who they would recommend, in CONFIDENCE. As often happens, they recommend the same factory. We connect the brand to the factory. This took us LESS THAN AN HOUR.

Lists actually never worked. They were out of the date the day after you bought them. Our network? Always current. Why? Because our members know their customers. They know what they make. They know who they make it for. They know their capacity to make it. And most importantly they know if they pay their bills on time.

Let us know when you can help you…


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