Watch! Replay of the First AAPN Fireside Chat With Ed Gribbin and More


Ed Gribbin's story of how he took the leadership role in organizing our industry's response to the coronavirus is amazing. Starting with the AAPN network of 200 organizations, Ed helped open our SOURCING CENTER to the industry which grew quickly to 1,000 organizations. Ed studied each of these companies, detailing them on a spreadsheet of their production and services. Within weeks, he was producing tens of thousands of masks and gowns.

His story is one of, to use his own words, leadership; speed; and trust. It is a story that shows you what our industry did, and how our CENTER eventually got over 25,000 views. When you watch the entire hour, you'll see how Ed is one of the few industry veterans who could have done this. Watch this first AAPN FIRESIDE CHAT and start thinking about your own story that you can share with the industry thru this new medium. 

Please note – the video opens a little awkwardly. We're not Hollywood producers and this isn't a sales pitch. It's how we meet and talk at AAPN – informally, as friends and sincerely. Just like a fireside chat should be!