We Invite You to Literally Steal This Email Invite to Portland


At what stage of your career were you when you decided you could 'give back' to the industry, by mentoring and teaching the next generation? Well, I am sharing an email we were copied on by a veteran member to his customers who is doing just that. He is asking his top brand customers to send their young staffers to our Portland Regional Conference on August 15. We encourage you to plagiarize the following to your hearts delight. Give back by a copy/paste/personalize/send of this:

"I wanted to make you and your team aware of an event taking place in Portland on August 15.

I belong to the Americas Apparel Producers' Network (AAPN) and have for the last 25 years. Very worthy organization, and clearly the only one in existence where the entire Western Hemisphere apparel supply chain is represented (yarn, textiles, factories, brands, retailers, logistics, technology, etc. etc.).

Check them out at https://www.aapnetwork.net/.

About 1 year ago, AAPN started holding regional conferences and have had great success in introducing textile, supply chain principles and general knowledge to the next generation of leaders and supply chain participants in our industry. AAPN is holding a Regional Summit in Portland on August 15 that is getting a great deal of interest and registrants.

Long story short, please take a look as your team will benefit. If you wish, I can connect you with AAPN executive management team to provide greater insight into their organization and their regional summits.

Best regards….."