What Words Drive YOUR career – Here are Several to Consider


Three very powerful words; “legacy, mastery, freedom and alignment. – Legacy and mastery are about the body of work and what you want to achieve and the skills you want to cultivate and strengthen. Freedom is about the conditions you need to have the lifestyle you want, like salary, benefits, flexibility. Finally, alignment is about belonging, in terms of the culture and values of whatever organization you may be working with…”

Here are 3 of the slides that are online about this topic:

The interesting thing is, I have hanging over my desk three powerful words that have driven me for years – AUTONOMY; MASTERY; PURPOSE. The message of the two-word streams is the same – brand yourself, make a difference, give back, take charge, self-actualize and wear whatever you want while doing it. For 23 years now, my ‘personnel jacket’ has been the jacket hanging off the back of my chair. It is pure karma.

One channel for giving back is, of course, this network. It is, as our officers describe it, a platform not just for education and opportunity, but for action. When Kevin Williams and Tony Anzovino floated the action plan for us hosting Regional Conferences around the U.S., we DID think it was kind of crazy. Yet it is working beyond our wildest expectations with 92 souls showing up recently in Dallas.

When recently discussing investing in data gathering companies, I vaguely remembered a quote, something about tools, how we use them then they use us. I set out to find the quote. I use Evernote to store and organize documents. On it, I have 109 folders containing just under 3,000 articles I’ve harvested here. I went to the folder called SAYINGS and keyed in the search word ‘tools shape’ and BAM up popped an article called Thoughts for the Day from Marshall McLuhan with this quote, “We become what we behold. We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us.”

This TECHNOLOGY, the ability to find, read, copy, store, organize and find again is amazing. To further illustrate this, read the following interview with Tom Hanks in the NY Times, in which he talks about his massive collection of and love for typewriters, “He tried to write his fiction on a typewriter but concedes, “I only made it about five pages in.” That delete key on a laptop is too alluring.”


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