Who Will Amazon Buy Next?


Last week Amazon officially passed Alphabet (Google’s parent company) to become the second most valuable brand in the US, just behind Apple Inc.

Everyone knows, however, that Jeff Bezos does not want to settle for second place. So what might Amazon do to expand next? Or, as many are asking, who will Amazon buy next? This great article The Robin Report makes some educated guesses.

Amazon’s Prime Prospects
MARCH 25, 2018 by Warren Shoulberg

It’s the question that everybody’s asking…and that only one person on the planet has the answer to: What physical retailer will Amazon buy next?

Notice the question is not if, it’s only a matter of who.

Following its purchase of Whole Foods last year, the expansion of its bookstore program and the roll-out of Amazon Go convenience stores, it’s quite clear that the company understands it needs physical store locations to continue to grow and expand its ongoing takeover of retailing as we know it.

One could almost call it relentless…but that would be too obvious. Relentless.com was one of the original working names Jeff Bezos considered for his nascent business way back when — and in fact if you still type in that web address it will take you to the Amazon home page.

Bezos is the one who will be deciding Amazon’s next moves into physical retailing and if you believe everything you hear about him, he already knows what he’s going to do.But ever vigilant in its need to be of help to the industry, we would like to offer up the following shopping list for Bezos’ petty cash…along with the betting lines on each. Consider it another public service from your humble (bookie) servants at The Robin Report. Read More


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