Working on the AAPN video – and Waiting for You


One action item from our AAPN Leadership Forum last month is that we create a 5 minute AAPN video. I am working on it over the holidays. Fortunately, we take lots of photos and videos, so there is no end to raw material. Also, because I use Apple computers, I have iMovie which is so powerful many have literally shot and edited entire movies using an iPhone!

In fact, if you have a short video or cool photo, send it to us for consideration.

What is the key reason people ACTUALLY join industry groups? We discussed this and think most do it for selfish reasons – to sell something, to meet somebody, to gain an edge, to get a job. Therefore one useful slide in my draft video is this one:


That’s why I’ve decided to broadcast a very useful article I came across this morning which I hope you or someone you know finds useful and perfectly timed – Career expert reveals 9 secrets to resume success in 2018


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